About Joe Caso


Joe Caso has gained insight over a thirty plus year career, which has allowed him to successfully launch and maintain steady growth in the businesses he has been associated with, two of which he founded, and includes the following experience:

-Independent business consultant (Key advisor to his clients)
-“Big Four” and National Public Accounting (Director, Sales and Marketing)
-Worldwide Outplacement (Vice President)
-Start Up and Growing Company (COO)
-Magazine Management (Publisher)
-Financial Services (Regional CEO)
-Insurance Brokerage (Vice President, Controller)

Joe works with business owners and their key executive staff on a variety of issues. In most cases, he will start with the identification of the most significant goals that they would like to achieve. Together they determine which of the action steps necessary to achieve their goals will most directly result in their success. Mr. Caso’s function is to help them maintain personal and corporate accountability, which allows them to focus their efforts. Joe functions as a sounding board for the small business owner. Someone objective and experienced who they can confide in and who will help them structure their business plans.

Joe has lived and worked in the New York metropolitan area and now resides in Key West, FL where he has built a deep network of friends and business associates. He and his wife, Cheryl, enjoy their leisure time with their five children and seven grandchildren.