Business Coaching and Advisory Services

For many years I have been asked to provide information and direction to my clients in the course of my normal work for them. In 2004, at the request of my friends and clients, I began offering these services in an organized, professional and objective way to others that they refer to me. My business coaching / advisory clients are small business owners who either have specific goals identified or need help to do so. In most cases, they want to move their business to the next level or have reached a plateau that they need help to continue to grow. Once their needs are identified, I help to create a plan to achieve their goals, a process to stick to the plan and a practical way to hold themselves accountable to the work. 
As in all things, there are many different ways to achieve an objective. My challenge is to find the method which best fits my clients style and personality. If they enjoy the work, they are most likely going to continue to do it for the long run and produce results.


(Most common, but not all)

  • Developing a Business Plan
  • How to Choose “Trusted Advisors”
  • The 13 Month Rolling Calendar
  • Creating a “Sales Funnel”
  • Basic Time Management
  • Developing a Mission Statement
  • Strategic vs. Tactical Thinking
  • Marketing Concepts
  • How to Create and Utilize Networking
  • Process to Help Reach Defined Goals